New Zealand

Since 2002 it has been my dream to visit New Zealand. It was the year that I saw the first episode of Lord of the Rings for the first time. I was eager to see the following films not just because of an amazing adaptation of the book for the screen, but also because of the breath-taking landscape the story is set in. And here we go. I just needed to wait for 15 years and my dream came true. For whole three weeks we were travelling across both of the islands with our mouths wide open as everything was just jaw-dropping. Before going back home, my girlfriend Tereza and I made a promise to come to New Zealand one day again; hopefully for even longer period. Not even in our dreams would we imagine that just the following year, 2017, an opportunity of spending 2 months there again would appear. With all our might we pursued our dream. We decided to spend all days on exploring the South Island. We enhanced this life adventure by getting married on 12th December in Glenorchy, which was one of the most marvellous days of our lives.
New Zealand is engraved in our hearts in gold and we hope to go back again.